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Left for Dead
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* After great pain, a formal feeling comes..*
                                   Emily Dickinson

Hollow Man

with my time ill spent
and my mind well bent
i know im heading
for a paupers grave
with a hearts good intent
but a sheltered life
never meant
i blame myself
for the direction im in
for it seems i made my friend
with bourbon
its devils
and sin
my brothers i too
have always known my way



waking up in the dump shack
smacking flies from my sweat
i take a look around me
with the filth i have slept
and im thinking back to yesterday
where as a boy
i might have known
that i would be unhappy
and God knows
i would be alone
so ill run for the
front gate
God let me in
i havent seen anything
like this
and my bones are wearing thin
so now im waking up
in the heavens
and wondering where i am
ive seen pictures of Jesus
but never one with horns
and i turn to this keeper
master i did say
i might not be forgiven
but ill never be forgotten
and ill rise
like a child once born
of God
and ill keep on running



take me from this hole
and place me in a boat
let me float out to the sea
let the tide take care of me
lend me an old piece of rope
place me in the forest
let me find a twisted tree
one thats suited for me
for the preachers
keep coming to my home
they want to save my soul
before its gone, gone
and the doctors
wont find my bedside anymore
they`ll say there is
no cure
and that im fading fast away
i wish there was more
they would say
that i am
becoming bedridden
and i
want to make my
hands cover up my face
and i
cant make my feet walk
across this floor
for i am bedridden
i cant expect you
to love me anymore