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Left for Dead
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Knowledge is limited...
Imagination encircles the world..

I drown as the abyss

swallows me down. . .




raping me of all that I bear

and in its place I carry

screams throughout. . .




I am left cold. . .


crying. . .

so silent as the pin stab



bleeding through

me. . .



I watch, as the hours pass, my life

wasting away

. . .slowly breaking out of this cocoon;

awaiting the day I can spread these wings

and fly away. . . . .

And to these newborn dawns; let

another day shine upon. . . the wonders

that lie hidden and the beauty of these

things revealed. . . and for a moment

let this solitude mirror the freedom

to let go. . . and be one again for a

moment. . . to feel the warmth and comfort

of the mother's womb and the soft, gentle

touch of daddy's hands. To never forget

from which one sprung two and love

embraced the two to become one again.

. . . and the love felt now hurts more

than the pain ever felt

knelt down

and these tears

they represent

nothing more than the purity left

in what's pure

and the innocence of a child

that finds its way through

the eyes of a soul,

a soul that beholds years of long ago.

So old. . . and so old all the

pain felt has made this soul.

And through all this, love

only hurts through the knowledge

of pain. . .

to feel innocent and to feel

oh so pure again,

& realizing how long ago

and so long ago it was

that this soul knew such

love. . .

a love that was nothing more

than pure,

held tightly. . .

so tight inside the

dream of a child. . .

a child waiting to grow old.


within. . .

where shadows move. . .

dancing in and through these patterns within patterns. . .

as the infinite spirals turn. . .

turning into patterns within patterns as shadows dance in and through. . .

where shadows move. . .