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What You Like
Clouded visions enrich my mind. I feel as if I want nothing and yet I give everything. While screaming at what ii have left, my coice cracks and my true voice comes out. Take this from me and thoughts explode from thousands of cornered curves. I think of you, and you remind me of myself. Can anyone stop what I have started to do? Just think. It can almost rip you apart and grind your bones to dust. It can pick you up and create a colorful euphoria from a single moment of true jubilation. Some experience this once, some twice, and some three times or more, but very few experience this forever.


Think of it all as an inner sin.
Climb around on the flip and slide.
I want new holes before I start,
So dig untill youre on the inner side.
My head is made of dirt and sand.
Cut off a leg and I`ll lend you a hand.
Moments of black are all I see,
When I see what is of sanity.
Counting down and getting lost
In mmy own words I can only recall.confusion.
Puzzles, decisions, paths, and revisions.
Knots in the twine, or loops in the mind.
It is what they see as the inner side.
Every trail leads to the same place.Screw it off
Push or pull this time? Fuck it. All It needs is a little force whatever source. Untie the knots and believe it or not. But the line has become straight on the side,beside the end or to the finish.