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Left for Dead


*the*A* | RiDdLE | MinerMagus | Yoder | Rob * C | End *

all these memorys keep reopening my eyes
kill off hope dreams to get back my life
never thinking about life before
have a blast,wish it was the past
banging heads with a permanant post
almost complete sections riddled with
rusty barb-wire
when you look back, it`s cold carrowed
wire reminds me forevermore
so small...but when taken for granted
it leaves a gruesom scar
my teeth clench ,my jaw tighten
as the sudden
occures again....
who knew?

Once again misfiring thoughts
Brought forth from a slurred encounter
Should I go on to fuck up a good friendship
Or try, maybe or maybe not
With a kiss, a smile, and eyes beautiful blue
So badly I want her near
Not like this, not blind to the world
Thoughts of you are so bliss
No need to be distorted or confusing.
But little courage one has
On matters such as these
For me all fears fade
Along with thoughts
And a memory of bliss
I sence of something wrong
Was it a drunken urge
Was it misunderstanding
Or has something been wronged..
Not alot of good memories